iPhone Repair Pros in Bryan – College Station – iPhone 5 to iPhone X

In today’s world, a reliable cell phone is a must. Most of us feel lost without our phones. Unfortunately, smartphones are not unbreakable. Electronic complications can occur and your phone could be dramatically damaged by even a minor hit or drop of moisture in the wrong place. When facing a broken phone, it is essential to locate and utilize the services of the top iPhone repair company within Bryan – College Station. No fear! The first step of the process has been completed. You’ve found your way to our Pro iPhone Repair website and we’ll be able to help you fix your phone fast.


Before going further, we’ll give an overview of the various common problems associated with iPhones. The most frequently occurring issues and their related functional complications are be explained below.

Cracked / Shattered / Damaged Screen – Though a damaged iPhone screen might not completely render the device inoperable, a cracked, shattered, or damaged screen will impact performance. If what is on your screen is not 100% discernible, you won’t be able to use your device effectively. When attempting to rectify this problem, iPhone owners can speak directly with Apple or attempt to fix the problem on their own with a phone repair kit. One option is expensive and takes time, the other may leave your phone in worse condition. There’s another choice: Visit CPR Cell Phone Repair’s Pro iPhone Repair team for best iPhone repair service in Bryan – College Station.

Unusable / Dead Battery – The battery in your iPhone is made to last for an extended period of time, years. Unfortunately, the battery may not last for the entire usable life of your phone. Over time, the charge will begin to deplete more quickly. No matter how long you charge your phone, it will die more quickly each charge cycle. A dead phone can leave you stranded, without any way to communicate with friends and family or even call an Uber. Battery losing its charge? No need to replace your phone. CPR Cell Phone Repair College Station will replace your battery and make your iPhone reliable again.

Water Damage – As an iPhone user, you know that water and your phone do not mix well! But we all mess up and your phone may be introduced to water or excess moisture at some point and your phone could be severely damaged. This is not something that your Apple Care or warranty will usually cover, so you will need the services of iPhone repair specialists.

In sum, a plethora of issues could arise with your iPhone. Though iPhones are considered to be some of the best smartphones on the market, problems can still occur and your phone could become broken or bricked within a blink.

iPhone Repair Cost

When considering repair options, you should realize that Apple is always a reliable choice. Obviously, the company knows their own products better than anyone. Of course, this may not always be the fastest or least expensive way to fix your iPhone. Depending on your specific iPhone model, Apple or carrier protection contract, and warranty, a repair from Apple could cost as much as eight hundred dollars. Plus, in Bryan – College Station, there are no Apple certified repair shops or Apple Stores, so direct repair entails a road-trip. Plus, the official Apple and Apple authorized repair options often take more than one day.

We Are The Top iPhone Repair Company Right Here In Bryan – College Station

Now that you’ve learned about the potential problems that could occur and the average screen repair cost from the manufacturer, you should familiarize yourself with the alternative. CPR Cell Phone Repair company is willing and able to help fix your iPhone.

CPR Cell Phone Repair has been in the iPhone repair industry for years and our techs have seen it all. They have deep board-level knowledge and experience with all different models of iPhones, including iPhones 5, 6, 7, 8 and X. Regardless of the severity of the issue, our techs can fix it.

Contacting Apple and allowing them to fix your phone is wise, if it is still under Apple warranty and the damage is covered. But if not, the repairs will cost a ton at Apple. CPR repair services are priced to be affordable.

Although there are other good repair centers out there, CPR goes beyond good to be the best. Our CPR corporate trained phone and device repair technicians will work with skill and precision, and with the speed that knowledge and experience bring. So you will get your iPhone back as quickly as possible, often in minutes.

CPR can also repair many other types of phones and devices. If you have an Android  phone, iPad, tablet, or even a PlayStation on the blink, we can repair that too.

Go to The Best iPhone Repair Company In Bryan – College Station Texas

A broken or damaged iPhone will not do you much good. While you’re iPhone remains damaged, you’ll remain vulnerable to the minor inconveniences and major safety issues being phoneless can create in today’s world. We encourage you to get your phone fixed as fast as possible. Our technicians are here to help fix your iPhone right the first time. We back it with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

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